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SuntoryのYamazakiのラベルの"Since 1923 year"はミス!

Single Malt Whiskyのラベルに

Since 1923 Year
The oldest distillery in Japan


つまり”Since 1923"で充分

のなら”Since the year 1923"

   O    I was born in 1948.
         O    I was born in the year 1948.
         X    I was born in 1948 year.

”1923” の前後に言葉を入れるのが

都市、州、島 の名前にもあります。

   O  Paris
       O  The City of Paris
       X   Paris City

       O  Texas
       O  The State of Texas
       X   Texas State

       O  Tahiti
       O   The Island of Tahiti
       X    Tahiti Island

なお、New York City や Kansas City に

看板や標識に名古屋市をNagoya City

”Welcome to the City of Nagoya"は”W
elcome to
Nagoya City"より自然な英語です。もちろん、単に
”Welcome to Nagoya"もOKですよ。

Hiroshima Prefectureと区別をするために
”Hiroshima City"ということもあります。


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Two Ys, 2013/04/07 12:46 PM

Dear Mr. Carty,
The "1923 year" might follow Japanese style, "1923年". Similarly, "Nagoya City" seems to come from "Nagoya市".

Carty, 2013/04/08 12:13 PM

I agree that it is an 置き換え
of 「1929年」It is more unnatural than "Nagoya City" which I am used to hearing. As always, I am thankful for your comment.

通りすがり, 2013/04/08 11:13 PM

Judging from the size of the text, I think it was designed to be read "SINCE YEAR 1923," or smaller text first.

Carty, 2013/04/09 1:00 PM

Thanks for your comment. You have a good point. I wonder how many people would read it as "Since Year 1923"? Also, "Since the Year 1923" sounds more natural to me. I have sometimes said "I was born in the year 1948" but I have never said "I was born in year 1948". Usually "I was born in 1948" or "I was born in Showa 23" is how I say it. These days my main purpose is to provide a "one point lesson" rather than criticize the English.
Thanks for your giving me your "take" on this!

Two Ys, 2013/04/23 9:53 PM

Re: 2nd comment of you
It was interesting that "置き換え" needs "an", though the term is Japanese.

Carty, 2013/04/26 11:25 PM

We also say, "The mama forgot to give me an oshibori" and "He's an Osakan" "I want to buy an omiyage for my landlord",etc.